Friday, June 17, 2005

Can't swing a dead cat without hitting a blogger

Welcome to my first experiment in blogging. At last, my desires to impose my views on the world can be sated! I shall finally know the peace that comes with a soap box for all my semi-deranged ramblings! Let the world quake before me!

Well, if anyone bothers to read it, that is.

I hope to use this blog to express my inner rage and sarcasm. Like a lot of people (especially we Canadians) I'm loathe to cause anyone distress in public, so I tend not to say what's on my mind. If someone says to me, for example, "Wow, that George Bush sure knows what he's doing," I seldom grab them by the lapels and shake them to and fro, screaming "What the fuck, are you kidding or something? He's a deranged man-ape propped up by a coalition of crony capitalists, cowardly neo-cons and knuckle-dragging creationists! I wouldn't give you an ounce of my own spit to save his life!" Here, of course, I can say such things without receiving disapproving stares, under which I wilt.

You may have noticed that my politics are somewhat to the left of centre. They are also strange, and subject to much change and soul-searching. I like to think of myself as a pragmatic utopian. I want a perfect society, but I'll take every little change I can get that makes things better.

And the blog's title?

I like Igunodons.

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