Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Get the target in the Google bombsights

The target is a vast, sprawling edifice, shoddily built and ugly as sin. Its creators have attempted to camouflage the many flaws with a bright palete of paints and shiny, distracting doodads. But they cannot conceal the gaping holes. Yes, it's our old friend, Intelligent Design.

There's a campaign right now on among we godless evolutionists to link the words Intelligent Design to the National Center for Science Education (in the States) explanation of why ID isn't so intelligent after all. If there are enough links between Intelligent Design and the article, Google will move that link to the top of its list when someone googles the term. And hopefully, that will give better information to the genuinely curious than they are likely to get if the term leads them to the Discovery Institute, or some similar bunch of frauds.

As of this writing, websites advocating ID seem to be in the top two, followed by a couple of skeptical sites. The NCSE page is number nine.

Click the link. Release the bomb.

Intelligent Design

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