Friday, March 03, 2006

A better blog than mine...

Most of the blogs I frequent are political, scientific or science fiction-related. This one is not.

It's the ongoing story of a superhero called the Velvet Marauder, who lives in a suspiciously Seattle-like Evergreen City, where he fights crime, has a crush on a co-worker and shares his unique insights into life, superpowers and everything. It's well written, often funny, and feeds my need for superhero related stuff. I'm slowly working through the massive backlog of entries, in chronological order, as it tells an ongoing story. Will he ever get together with Margo, his attractive co-worker? Will the Exploder return to blow up another one of his cars? Are his bosses really supervillains, and what is their diabolical plan?

In between saving the world (well, not the world, but the greater Evergreen City area), Velvet Marauder drops in little nuggets of superhero info like this one:

When you've got mid-range super strength like me, it affects your entire physiology. I weigh a good thirty pounds more than a normal guy my height and build, because I've got thick bullet-resistant skin and dense muscles. A lot of people don't think about this, but when you've got super-strength, every part of your body is super strong. You see where I'm going with this? For instance, if I want to I can pee a good twenty, thirty feet. Seriously, I can piss from one side of my back yard to the other because of my powerful internal muscles.

The main page of the blog is here, but I recommend you start here, with the first post.

Someone, get this man a comic book writing job!

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Anonymous said...


You are so right about the greatness of the Velvet Maurader's blog. I just finished reading the story and I am left crying for more. I already miss the musings and adventures of the big VM.

I especially love his punching bags that scream "Khaaaaan!" and "You're the man now dog!"

And checck out this awsome use of the English Language: "This stew of mystery is coming to a boil." What a great and cheesy use of English!

Thanks very much for the post!