Tuesday, December 05, 2006

At least it wasn't Iggy

You know, months ago I thought to myself, Stephane Dion, he could be a good compromise candidate for the Liberals. He's got cabinet experience but without the extra baggage of the front runners.

And then I stopped thinking about that and decided that Bob Rae would win. So I don't get to say I told you so. Nuts.

The recent furor over Dion, and the talking heads babble about Dion vs. Harper has me wondering why people are willing to put so much faith in one man (always a man) to solve their problems. Like there's one magical guy out there, see, and he can fix everything! We just haven't found him yet.

This meme, the nastiest meme in representative democracy, must be stopped. I think I'll call it the Kennedy Disease.


Peter said...

The Kennedy disease... I like it. My question is, how far away do I have to move before the fetid quagmire which is Canadian politics ceases to be of interest?

Perhaps another star system?

Matthew said...

Farther than Bolivia, my friend. I moved all the way to anarchism and I was still up early on a Saturday morning watching the Liberal convention. That's a whole other disease in itself.